Eliminate Redundancies In Event Planning And Provisions: Reviewing Your Catering Services

One of the most important parts of planning any big event is finding the right catering services. Good food and plenty of good drinks are virtually guaranteed to put guests in the right mood. This is true whether you’re planning your wedding or hosting a corporate event. One of the most important things to remember in your search for a caterer is that poor planning will invariably lead to redundancies. Diligently reviewing the resources and amenities that are supplied by your venue as part of your venue rental agreement will help you avoid paying additional monies to obtain these same resources and amenities again.

Understanding How Your Venue Impacts Your Need For Catering Services

Depending upon the nature and location of your event venue, you may need to source a number of provisions from a third-party or directly from your chosen caterer. For instance, some venues have their own buffet tables, chaffing dishes, dinnerware and serving utensils. Others offer little more than a decorated room or outdoor space, and yet they allow their clients to bring in the items that they need as needed, and at no additional charge. If your venue has already agreed to provide linens and other dining amenities, you certainly don’t want to purchase a premium package from your catering service that only provides you with more of what you already have. If your venue doesn’t make any special provisions for your meal, however, sourcing these things from a caterer could be far cheaper than working with a third-party, specialty supplier.

Venue Rules, Restrictions And Coverage Requirements

Nearly all venues make it necessary for their guests to have venue coverage. If this is the case, read through the rules and restrictions pertaining to the use of your rented space and see whether your desire to serve food and drinks to your guests will impact your coverage needs. If your venue cooks and serves food onsite, you may be required to source what you need directly from this establishment. If your meal service will include dishes that are warmed over open flames, heating appliances near or around guests or the provision of alcoholic beverages, you will need to make sure that these things do not conflict with either the terms of your coverage or the rental contract that you’ve signed with your venue.

Keep It Simple

A lot of people are so committed to getting the very best for their events that they overlook the in-built opportunities to save. If you have pre-paid for a premium package with your vendor, keep it simple when defining your contract terms with your caterer. This is true whether you’re in search of authentic, French cuisine or the best local delicatessen. A good deli will usually have sufficient plates, napkins and cups for your corporate group if you submit your request in advance. If these amenities cost more, however, checking to see that they aren’t available through your venue first could save you a considerable amount of cash. You can always learn more at the Greensville Gourmet website.

Brewing a Sales Cocktail.

Recent studies have been conducted to conclude debates by major economy players and merchandisers on the subsiding benefits of price-reduction promotions for increased sales as opposed to display techniques such as retail displays, in-store displays and POP displays.

Diminishing Benefits

As opposed to the past decade, marketing strategy of reducing prices has seen a major downward trend of effectiveness and has lost approval among economists, manufacturers and major distributors. Retail customers have also notably increasingly grown numb to these sales strategies.

Industry Leader within the In-Store Merchandising

Retailers have been advised that in their search for their signature retail display in their shops or business premises, they should endeavor to strike balance between functionality and aesthetic value.

A good retail display will also combine in-store displaying and point of purchase displaying. A retailer should categorize their products into categories that satisfy basic needs hence need only their presence announced and products that need to be strategically placed to manipulate customers into buying them in unnecessary impulse.

In-store displaying

For the case of huge retail enterprises like malls, individual brands struggle to sell their products. The point of conflict for the retailer is not making sales but deciding which brand attracts most sales. Merchandisers struggle to perfect their in-store marketing by positioning their brands attractively. Sales paraphernalia is employed here including neon-lights; salespeople acting as assistants and even decorative material around the shelves these products are sold.

Point of Purchase displays

Shrewd retailers must use powerful retail point of purchase (POP) products to endure competition. These display products upsurge effectiveness of a retailer’s in-store advertising displays by using cutting edge printing technology. Various uses of point of sale product displays comprise of the counter top or window displays, banners and floor stands. These displays engage and elicit an “impulse purchase,” which effortlessly increases revenue and founds Brand Awareness.

Some of the reasons this method is so proposed by merchandisers is that:

• It increases sales
• It promotes brand awareness
• It is a call for action
• It is a call for attention
• It is a cost-effective advertising tool


Retailers are not advised to completely do away with price-cut promotions. Most of these promotions originate from manufacturers and trickle down the chain to retailers. Even when retailers feel the need to reduce prices of their products to clear their stock, their reasons might be legitimate. Instead, it is advisable that any clever businessperson indulge in all these methods by blending them such that the cocktail they concoct suit their sales needs as individual enterprises.


Blumen Bistro

At Blumen you can indulge in the many bounties each season has to offer. Swiss Chef Andreas Feller brings to the table the flavours of Europe and some personal favourites from his many travels around the world.

Enjoy great food, wine & music in an unpretentious yet upscale atmosphere. Blumen Bistro offers a full service dinning room, bar, private party room, screened in gazebo, and beautiful gardens interlaced with dinning tables. Some would call it contemporary yet organic, or even, chic yet casual.

So relax by one of the fireplaces, or spend some time in the garden. Either way the seasonally inspired menu and character property are sure to please your senses. Lunch or early dinner in the garden is a definite ‘must do’. Yet even if you dine inside, we invite you to take a stroll through the garden and enjoy it’s beauty, take in the sounds and sights. Smell a favourite flower or find something new and intriguing.


Capers Brasserie & Wine Bar

Distinctly Delicious. Distinctly Capers.

Experience rich and creative contemporary cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients imaginable – and discover the myriad of magical flavours waiting for you in our award winning wine cellar.

Capers Brasserie and wine bar is a unique and elegant venue located in the heart of the village in downtown Belleville. Capers’ wine list has won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence two years running. The scope of the list itself is quite broad, covering all of the worlds’ top regions in both white and red categories. With over five hundred selections to choose from, it may be difficult to know where to start, so we have developed an “Express” list, which features a range of popular wines, with some tremendous values to choose from.

Capers also offers three separate private dinning areas that have been designed for optimal flexibility and can be catered to your distinct needs.

The Ritchie Room, our licensed special occasions facility, is the perfect location for banquets, business presentations, weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or any special occasion where style, atmosphere, great food, wine and service is a must.

We are happy to provide a variety of meal packages to meet your individual needs. A dedicated event planner is available help you organize your function and give you that personal touch your function deserves. Our event team specializes in customized weddings for 30 – 120 guests.


Claramount Inn & Spa

Executive Chef Michael Hoy and Sous Chef Kelly Attwells invite you to enjoy superb regional cuisine at Clara’s… Claramount’s delightful dining room overlooking Picton Bay.

Clarmount Inn is a beautifully restored colonial revival mansion that sits high above Picton Bay.

The ten individually decorated guest suites feature period furnishings and original Canadian art. Associated with Claramount are three guest cottages and dockage is available by reservation for guests arriving by boat. Clara’s, the Inn’s delightful dining room, is known for its use of the wonderful produce and wines available locally and has earned a prestigious star recommendation in Where to Eat in Canada. Claramount’s wellness strategy, based in part on the Kneipp model, uses the health promoting qualities of water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and relaxation. A full range of spa therapies is offered, and the all-season, saltwater pool is perfect for relaxation and aqua therapies. Both Clara’s Fine Dining and Claramount Spa are open to the public.


Currah’s Cafe & Restaurant

Currah’s Cafe and Restaurant opened their door thirteen years ago, serving fresh delicious lunches and casual fine dining specializing in seafood and VAQ wine of Ontario and the world. The Lounge opened one year later which is located in the rear of the restaurant serving an exciting array of tasty appetizers, light dinners, import and local wines, ales and something new “plasma TV’s” for UFC sports events. Currah’s Catering started at Currah’s Caf’e and Restaurant and soon opened a full service catering facility located in McFarland Industrial Park.

Last year Chris Currah took on a new adventure running the Store, Grill and Dunes Canteen in the Sandbanks Provincial Park. They are now know as Currah’s Park Store and Grill and Currah’s Dunes Canteen. Chris Currah is the sole proprietor, overseeing all three organizations. At Currah’s Cafe & Restaurant Lyndon Johnston is the Dining Room Chef and Kitchen Manager, Jeff Jones is the Dining Room and Lounge Manager. At Currah’s Catering Danielle Sousa is the Special Events Coordinator and David Lewis is the Catering Chef. At Currah’s Park store and Grill and Currah’s Dunes Canteen Kathy Walsh is the Coordinator (General Manager) overseeing all areas, and Adam Walsh is relief manager of all areas.


Dinkel’s Restaurant

The Pleasures of fine dining in an elegant d’ecor, right here in Belleville, Ontario.

Some people don’t want a SnackQuick or a SpeedyChicken, they want to enjoy their food leisurely. They want it carefully prepared, elegantly served and they want time to enjoy it in a pleasant atmosphere. Paul Dinkel lovingly created to please such people.

Located downtown Belleville, on the edge of Prince Edward County, one of the fastest growing wine producing regions in Ontario, is the expression of Paul’s devotion to food and wine. A friendly bar, a bright dining room, a patio garden and a special occasion room await you, ready to delight you with Leisurely Food.

Leisurely Food is food that reveals the flavors and savors of fresh ingredients expertly combined to enchante the palate. With Leisurely Food restores meals to their traditional cultural role, once again we meet around the table to enjoy good food, good wine and good company.

Quoting Carlo Petrini founder of the Slow Food Movement Paul Dinkel says: “We are making the bet on quality”.


Earl & Angelo’s Restaurant

The Restaurant seats approximately 50 people downstairs in the sophisticated yet causal main dinning room which is fully licensed with an extensive wine list and a vintage wine list.

The Specialty of the house, is superb perfectly aged Steaks, tender back ribs and expertly prepared fresh Seafood. The open kitchen concept allows you to watch as your food is being prepared by the chef.

New York Striploins and Filet Mignon to North Atlantic lobster tails and Alaskan King Crab legs with the emphasis on the very best quality and still retaining value to there clients.

The Upper Level, consists of the “Eddie Thomas” cocktail lounge for 25, that boasts an amazing happy hour Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. A private dining room located in the back of the upstairs has seating 40 people overlooking the river.

A new exciting look and appeal to the south end of downtown Belleville across the street from City Hall.


East & Main Bistro

East & Main is a new bistro in Wellington, the heart of wine country. Proprietors, David O’Connor and Kimberly Humby, have teamed up with Executive Chef, Lili Sulllivan, to create an atmosphere and menu in the bistro tradition. Visitors will enjoy selections from our extensive wine list. Within the bistro is East & Main boutique — a fine foods shop and café — offering epicurean artisan products for a complete local-food experience. East & Main provides County producers and artisans a place to showcase their wares.


Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company

The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company is family owned, environmentally and socially responsible enterprise positioned as a niche producer of fine hand made, artisan cheeses using fresh, locally produced and LFP (Local Food Plus) certified goat, cow and sheep milk. After 4 years of planning, the dairy opened in June 2008. Our approach to cheese making attempts to integrate traditional methods and contemporary tastes with local terroir. Situated on 20 acres of agricultural land on the eastern ridge of Prince Edward County, FT is Canada’s only Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified manufacturing facility in Canada. FT received Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation in 2009. I has also recently become certified as a B Corporation.