Eliminate Redundancies In Event Planning And Provisions: Reviewing Your Catering Services

One of the most important parts of planning any big event is finding the right catering services. Good food and plenty of good drinks are virtually guaranteed to put guests in the right mood. This is true whether you’re planning your wedding or hosting a corporate event. One of the most important things to remember in your search for a caterer is that poor planning will invariably lead to redundancies. Diligently reviewing the resources and amenities that are supplied by your venue as part of your venue rental agreement will help you avoid paying additional monies to obtain these same resources and amenities again.

Understanding How Your Venue Impacts Your Need For Catering Services

Depending upon the nature and location of your event venue, you may need to source a number of provisions from a third-party or directly from your chosen caterer. For instance, some venues have their own buffet tables, chaffing dishes, dinnerware and serving utensils. Others offer little more than a decorated room or outdoor space, and yet they allow their clients to bring in the items that they need as needed, and at no additional charge. If your venue has already agreed to provide linens and other dining amenities, you certainly don’t want to purchase a premium package from your catering service that only provides you with more of what you already have. If your venue doesn’t make any special provisions for your meal, however, sourcing these things from a caterer could be far cheaper than working with a third-party, specialty supplier.

Venue Rules, Restrictions And Coverage Requirements

Nearly all venues make it necessary for their guests to have venue coverage. If this is the case, read through the rules and restrictions pertaining to the use of your rented space and see whether your desire to serve food and drinks to your guests will impact your coverage needs. If your venue cooks and serves food onsite, you may be required to source what you need directly from this establishment. If your meal service will include dishes that are warmed over open flames, heating appliances near or around guests or the provision of alcoholic beverages, you will need to make sure that these things do not conflict with either the terms of your coverage or the rental contract that you’ve signed with your venue.

Keep It Simple

A lot of people are so committed to getting the very best for their events that they overlook the in-built opportunities to save. If you have pre-paid for a premium package with your vendor, keep it simple when defining your contract terms with your caterer. This is true whether you’re in search of authentic, French cuisine or the best local delicatessen. A good deli will usually have sufficient plates, napkins and cups for your corporate group if you submit your request in advance. If these amenities cost more, however, checking to see that they aren’t available through your venue first could save you a considerable amount of cash. You can always learn more at the Greensville Gourmet website.