New vs. Used Restaurant Equipment: Finding the Greatest Value

Investing in used kitchen equipment that can be purchased for less overall cost can be an inviting opportunity for many restaurant owners, especially those who may be working within a fixed or limited budget. The high cost of starting a restaurant and the considerable expense required to update or renovate an existing business can prove to be a major issue. Knowing which equipment to purchase used and when to invest in newer resources that may provide superior dependability, performance or overall value is never a concern that should be left up to chance.

When to Avoid Used Equipment

While certified used equipment and more basic resources, such as prep tables and storage bins, often provide a level of value and performance that may be comparable to newer items, avoiding used equipment that may come at too high a price or that may be more likely to suffer from mechanical issues in the days to come can be a very prudent move. As a general rule of thumb, used purchases should be avoided when:

  • Equipment may be well beyond its warranty date
  • Maintenance and upkeep have been neglected by previous owners
  • Prices for used equipment exceed 50 percent of the cost of a new item

While there are always exceptions to every rule, these general guidelines can make it far easier to identify and avoid the used commercial kitchen equipment and purchases that are more likely to result in problems rather than savings.

Refurnished and Rebuilt Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment and appliances that have been refurbished or restored to factory specifications by a certified retailer or service provider are often able to offer similar service life and a level of dependability and performance very similar to new appliances for only a fraction of the cost. Electing to invest in refurbished machines, rebuilt appliances and used kitchen equipment that has been restored by a service provider or retailer that has a well-earned reputation for providing quality equipment can greatly reduce the cost of equipping or upgrading a kitchen. Some refurbished machines may even come with a warranty which can provide prospective owners with much needed peace of mind.

When to Buy New Equipment

While the high cost of new equipment and the rapid rate of deprecation experienced by commercial-grade appliances can be daunting, there are times when it pays to purchase new items. Gently used kitchen equipment and even refurbished appliances often lack the warranty plans and coverage that may provide financial protection for owners should a problem occur. The issues and complications created when stoves, refrigerators and other commercial kitchen equipment and appliances suffer a breakdown or other mechanical problem can quickly interfere with daily operation and may lead to additional costs should they lead to a drop in business. Visit Silver Chef Canada for additional information.