Consider Wooden Wine Boxes for That Special Gift

Wines are the ideal gifts for a variety of occasions, anniversaries and functions. It could also be an excellent and special way of showing gratitude to somebody who you greatly value or are thankful to. It makes a lot of sense, therefore, to put the special gift inside a special container and nothing will be better than beautiful wooden wine boxes.

However, selecting wooden wine boxes can, at times, be as crucial as getting a good brand of wine. If you want to give that special someone a wine gift, there are various wooden box options available.

Key among these includes:

Finished Wooden Wine Box

These wooden wine boxes have a surface covered with a high gloss finish. The finish protects the wood from getting damaged by air or water. When a good finish is selected, it not only protects the wood but also gives it a more exquisite look. Even after using the wine, the gift recipient will love the high end appearance of the box and they can use it for other storage purposes as they are durable.

Unfinished Wooden Wine Box

For a high-end wine, consider getting an unfinished solid wooden wine box. This type of wooden wine box is strong and cannot be easily eroded or destroyed by water or air. Not only does it protect the wine bottles, but it also smells great.

The wooden box surface is covered with wax for protection and durability. Some unfinished woods also come with good smells, beneficial for human’s health such as camphorwood, yellow pear, and lobular red sandalwood. Your gift recipient receives double portion: wine and a sweet aroma.

Custom Wood Gift Boxes

Many online retailers are now offering custom-made wine boxes at different prices. Ranging from very expensive to some highly affordable ones, options for custom wood gift boxes for the wine present can vary. For example, the Canada Maple Leaf Wood Texture makes a fine selection for a wine box.

The most commonly used woods for standard wooden as well as custom wooden wine boxes are typically Poplar, Redwood and Pine soft woods. Pine custom wood gift boxes offer cost-effective solutions as well as an interesting degree of possible customization, dimensions and branding options. The pine wood boxes are sturdy and have a natural, beautiful look. For that personal touch, you can also etch your own logo or text into these pine boxes.


When choosing a wooden wine box, you can easily get confused by the endless options available but with the above tips, it becomes less stressful. To make that occasion special, wrap that wine bottle in carefully selected special wooden wine boxes that will leave them not only happy with the present but impressed with the gift box. Remember to select the right kind of wooden box suitable for the weather where your gift is headed! Additional resources can be found at Ekan Concepts.